My UNBIASED Review of SizeGenetics Extender

I Personally Used SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is an extender that I personally used for 2 weeks. It works, and I could see results starting in as little as 5 days. I personally gained 1.1 inches so far in 5 months time. I could’t believe it but it REALLY worked. Compared to other products, this one produced the best and permanent results (I have personally tried them all).

I always had an issue with size growing up, I was definitely not one of the “gifted” men. I did a ton of research online and really found no credible sources (there soooooo much spam). So I went ahead and purchased ALL of the products that were available. Let me start by saying that SizeGenetics GREATLY outperformed all of the other ones. I have personally seen the results – gaining 1.1 inch in 5 months. Yes! I am finally considered “normal” by American standards.

Using SizeGenetics Long Term – Are there any Benefits?


SizeGenetics is one of the best extenders on the market. With regular, continuous use positive results can be seen. Of course it takes some time, as nothing will give you permanent results after one use. The product itself is very comfortable and sturdy, and comes with a great warranty. They have a money back guarantee if you do not see any results after 6 months of use.


The company makes the following claims about their product:

  • Correcting Penile Curvature
  • Grow 1-3 Inches In Length
  • Increase Girth
  • The Above Improvements Will Boost Your Self Confidence
  • Free Extender For Before And After Photos

I found these claims to all be true. Length wise, I experienced the low end of the growth estimate after 6 months of use. However, these results imply that continued use would allow me to reach the upper end of that estimate. The first claim made by this company was not an issue for me so I cannot comment on that aspect. Also, the girth was improved more so with the exercises mentioned in the Health and Exercise Training section below.

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Why I Used SizeGenetics

I personally went with SizeGenetics because it has been on the market for an incredibly long time, so they have a reputation to back them up. In this time, they have been endorsed by medical doctors and plastic surgeons and have even been classified as a CE-certified Type 1 Medical Penis Enlargement Device. This is not something many companies can brag about, and it means that the device is approved for uses such as physical therapy, surgery and treatment. This is why I chose this brand; I did so much research before finally coming to the conclusion to use SizeGenetics.

A study done by University of Turen stated that “The few well-conducted studies on penile extenders, which use mechanical traction to progressively elongate the penis, showed these devices can produce an “effective and durable lengthening of the penis,” the researchers write.” You can find the full feature article Here.

Initial Thoughts and Results

This device is very comfortable and can be worn under clothing without detection. This is important to be because other extenders I have tried were uncomfortable or I could only wear them in the comfort of my own home because they were not clothing friendly. During the first three months, I had already grown half an inch! By the end of the 6-month mark, that had gone up to just over 1 inch. It is important to note that I was also doing the recommended exercises as well. I think these two things combined are the key to seeing results! I wore it for a few hours per day five days a week. 

I kept it on all the time, even on the weekends for the first 3 months. I was dedicated and in 5 months, I grew by about 1.1 inches bigger. I was absolutely AMAZED.

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Wear and Comfort

SizeGenetics claims they used a patented 16-way comfort system with MDA technology to make their product the most comfortable on the market. Now, for anyone that is new to enlargers, there will be some discomfort that goes away after a few uses. Using the pads and double harness can mitigate these issues at first. This product gives you two choices on top of these to increase comfort: a rubber tube or a wide silicone strap. I found this really helps with the stretching and keeping me from getting pinched.

Another issue I’ve had with other extenders is that the head sometimes slips out. SizeGenetics has options so this doesn’t happen: the wide strap or what they call the noose method. I still had a couple of slips but these methods definitely helped it occur less often.

Packaging and Device Quality

The packaging is very nice; it comes in a leather type of case with everything plastic wrapped. The box itself is not decorated with anything so if you leave it out; no one will have any idea of what is inside. There is also a lock and key feature though I did not use it.  It also comes with a travel case, though you should probably not wear it while going through any sort of security or metal detectors.

The device itself appears to be made of high quality materials that ensure its comfort and long lifetime. You connect the pieces yourself you can adjust it to your own needs and comfort level, something I enjoyed very much.

Using for Straightening

This device has been certified for effective use in straightening out slightly curved or bent penises. The exercises mentioned in the book that accompanies the device also help with this. Results can be seen in a few months. Again, I cannot comment on its straightening abilities as this was not an issue I was trying to solve.

Health and Exercise Training

This extender also comes with some training DVDs, a PenisHealth membership and some penis fitness e-books to help you perform exercises (like kegel exercises) and keep blood flow consistent.

The PenisHealth membership is often overlooked, even though it provides 34 exercises and access to their website. They have photos and videos detailing how to perform each exercise correctly to maximize results. Going to the gym and performing exercises in bad form will not help you bulk up, the same goes for extending and strengthening your penis.

SizeGenetics Ultimate Package

This package includes traction powder, cleaning wipes and aftercare moisturizer. The traction powder helps with slippage by creating friction between you and the straps. Though moisturizer and power (for example baby powder) can be bought at the drugstore (which I started doing once these ran out), this is a nice option for beginners to have everything at once without trying to figure everything out at the drugstore.


They offer free and discreet shipping with every order. They have offices within the United States, so my order came pretty quickly, which was nice. I also was saved embarrassment thanks to its unlabeled packaging.

Guarantee and Warranty

SizeGenetics offers a 6-month money back guarantee that is completely legitimate. I was hoping I would not have to send it back, and I’m glad I didn’t have to. I hope everyone seems some sort of results with dedicated use of the extender and exercises.

Support, Community and Motivation

The biggest aspect of this process is staying positive and motivated. You need to have a reason to want results, dedication to see those results, and positive outlook when you do not immediately see results. If you see other people doing it and seeing results, it is definitely encouraging to keep it up. Simple things like joining a forum, taking before pictures and keeping a weekly log of how long you wear the extender for, which exercises you did and for how long and weekly measurements can really keep you motivated and positive; they definitely helped me! By asking questions to people in forums, keeping track of my progress and having a support system in place I kept at it and saw results and will continue to use this extender.

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