Personal Review of the MaleEdge Extender

Male Edge is another brand that promises to enlarge men’s sexual organ effectively. The product is highly recommended by several doctors, and therefore, it has an edge over low grade penis extenders that are being sold at a relatively lower cost. The product also promotes penis traction – a process which helps to increase both the girth as well as the length of one’s penis.

Male Edge works by utilizing the patent pending method known as “traction.” Accordingly to their website, it is a “clinically proven to increase both length and girth.”

Penis traction is shown to be both safe and painless technique that generally produces permanent penis growth. MaleEdge states that you may experience growth of as much as 2 or 3 inches. Traction works by applying a steady force on the shaft of the penis which eventually causes the cells to replicate. Over time, your penis will become larger due to the new tissue growth. It can take as little as a few days to start seeing results.

What we found from using this product is that it does produce results. After testing for approximately two weeks, we found that we did notice a gain in both length and girth. We are unsure if the gain is permanent but we will continue to test and report on this. Our reviewer stated that “he was quite happy” with the results ( we are willing to bet it was his girlfriend).

Updated 8-23-2015

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The Male Edge Penis Extender is a quality, sturdy, traction-based penis extender to increase the length of your penis. You attach to your penis and apply the right stretching force for your comfort and over time the tissue in your penis will adjust for the force and lengthen.

This device comes in three different packages: the Basic, Extra and Pro packages. In all three packages, the device remains constant. The only thing different is the add-ons. The basic package ($179) comes with the strap, measuring gauge, online access to the Male Edge training program.

The Extra package ($199) comes with everything in the Basic package plus a travel bag, an extra strap and a protection pad. The Pro package ($219) comes with all of the above plus four rubber straps, two replacement pads and cohesive gauze.


Updated 8-23-2015

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The Male Edge Penis Extender claims that their product will provide permanent penis growth, accommodate any penis size, correct curvature, can be used by both uncircumcised and circumcised penises and can be worn under clothing.

Any of the packages offered are of excellent quality and come with the device already assembled in discreet packaging. The only thing you need to do upon first use is adjust for your current penis size. This device has a great trouble-free locking device that allows for quick and easy attachment and removal. I faced no issues with attachment and detachment of the device.

The grooves on the device let you know how much force you are putting on your penis: 8-1200g (42oz), 1200-2000g (71oz), and 2000-2800g (100oz). One downside to this product is that there is only one method of attachment: the strap method. So if you, like myself, find this method to be uncomfortable or ineffective, use the included gauze and padding to personalize the fit.

In my opinion, the Pro version is the best option since it provides you with everything you would need for weeks of use. The extra straps, gauze and padding are enough to last you until you start seeing your desired results.F57519926

I saw results after just a couple of weeks of wearing the device for 3 hours everyday; I looked slightly longer when both flaccid and erect. I did not do anything but wear the device. With regular, extended use your results will be much greater. It is very important to keep at it and not be discouraged from a lack of immediate results!

While using the device I did not once feel like my penis was unsafe. Not only does it come with indicators to show you exactly how much force you are applying, it also is fully adjustable for up and down movements of the penis while being worn. There are no short points or places to really pinch your skin either. Once again, I would recommend the pro package due to the extras and the added security they can provide.

In summary, Male Edge Penis Extender is an excellent product that shows results. It is simple and easy to use. The Pro and Extra packages offer more options for security and comfort and should definitely be considered when thinking about buying this device. The results are promising after a couple of weeks with permanent results seen after a couple of months. The only negative to this device is the lack of attachment options for those who do not like the strap method of attachment.

Updated 8-23-2015

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