Effective Exercise in Increasing Penis Size

It is a fact that a majority of men would prefer to have an even bigger penis size. Although some women would claim that the size of the manhood is not that big of a deal, we still cannot deny the fact that men who have a bigger penis size are able to give more satisfaction to women than those who have a smaller manhood.

Confidence is also another issue why men would prefer to have a much longer sexual organ. A lot of men would feel that they could easily attract women if they have a bigger penis size and that they are more comfortable of their masculinity. This is the reason why you will find several different kinds of products and devices that aim to help those who are faced with sexual issues as a result of their small member. But before you go on to try any of these products, why don’t you try some of the effective exercises in increasing penis size?

Stretching It Out

One of the most effective exercises in increasing a male’s sexual organ is called “stretching it out”. It was named as such simply because the process involves stretching the male member in order to add a few more inches to it. To do this, simply grab the head of your penis in an upward direction and then slowly stretch it out. Count one to ten while grasping it and make sure to do this on a regular basis, for up to five minutes each day.

You may also choose to stretch your member from the left towards the right direction for another five minutes. There is another stretching workout that you can try in order to increase the size of your manhood. This is done by holding the tip of your member with one hand and then place the thumb of your other hand at the base of the member. Hold on to it in a stretching position for up to ten seconds and then release it right after. Do this exercise for once or twice in a day for up to five minutes.

Backwards Method

Another effective penis exercise that you should try if you want to increase the size of your manhood is the backwards method. But be aware that this kind of exercise is a bit dangerous and can be harmful if not done properly and you might want to seek professional guidance if it’s your first time doing it.

To do the backwards method, use your thumb to pull the skin of your penis backwards, towards the direction of your body. Use your other fingers to provide support under the shaft. Hold on to this position in a firm manner for up to ten seconds and do this exercise for up to five minutes each day. To avoid injury, avoid holding on to this position for longer than five minutes and do not hold it too tight as it might cut off the flow of blood.

Opposite Directions Workout

Another exercise that you should give a try when it comes to increasing the size of your manhood is called the opposite directions workout. For this exercise, place one hand right at the tip of your penis and put your other hand on the base. Pull it on opposite direction for about ten seconds at a time and do this exercise for up to five minutes every day. If you feel some kind of pain while doing this penis exercise, then do not continue. Exercise proper caution when doing this exercise to avoid injury.

Kegel Method

Kegel method is popular among women, but this exercise can also help men to increase their member.  Maintaining more control over your sexual organ can actually help you to achieve an even better and harder erection.

Contract your PC muscle each day for 20 to 30 times and then try more contractions at a later time. Eventually, you will not only feel your erections getting harder, but you will also be able to control the muscle yourself. This will also lead to a noticeable increase on the length as well as the girth of your penis since more blood will flow through it. As a result, you will have an even better sexual experience in the long run.


Jelqing is one of the most popular exercises that men do in order to increase the size of their member. But before you begin with Jelqing, make sure that your penis is on a semi-erect state. Begin by slowly massaging your member and then pull it slowly outwards in a repetitive motion. Do this exercise by alternating in between hands.

One of the benefits of doing this exercise is that you are pushing your blood from the base to head. Do this exercise as often as you can and consider starting out with a low number and then increase the number of repetitions as you go on.

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By Brianna Strong

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