An Honest and Unbiased Penis Extender Review

A penis extender also at times known as a penis stretcher or its appropriate technical term, traction device, is an idea born from the concept of making use of traction technology to expand the penis. Traction technology is in professional medical use and is utilized to straighten or even extend parts of the body. It does involve fitting a mechanical equipment to delicately stretch out and keep in position a body part such as a limb, teeth, finger or some other body part.

A penis extender is an equipment which has been designed to comfortably fit on the penis and also utilizes traction technology, in order to expand, lengthen and also straighten the penis forever. The device is made so it could be worn on the penis effortlessly, and is made up of a ring attached to a retracting rod that may be tightened to the necessary pressure. For temporary size enhancement, you read about the Review of Penomet.

The amount of time needed to produce results is usually in months since this is how long it requires for the entire body to give in to the pressure. If you consider braces employed to straighten the teeth, it also will require several months whilst the teeth gradually realign because of the pressure of the braces.

The extending of the penis cells in the tissue and muscles leads to a procedure known as cell division, which is medically known as cytokinesis and is an organic reaction in the body. The delicate extending of the penis by the penis extender can cause tissue cells to break down and increase in numbers and, thus, helps the growth of completely new tissue leading to everlasting penis enlargement.

A penis extender is the one and only natural approach for developing your penis without requiring surgical treatment. Producers of different penis extenders guarantee that you can enhance your penis length by up to 3 inches if used for long enough. The suggested time period would be approximately 6 months at the least or maybe even more and would require you needing to wear the extender daily. It is not needed to wear it day after day, but for perhaps 4-8 hours on the average.

Certain restrictions apply, for example, you shouldn’t wear it whilst relaxing, nor should you use it during sessions of physical exercises for instance playing games. So you should wear it in the free time you have between returning home from work and going to sleep when you don’t perform too much work. The basic guideline is that the longer you utilize it the faster the results.

Penis extenders have already been showcased in a variety of men’s journals as well as on television. For example, the SizeGenetics penis extender was reviewed in a television program regarding male penis size on the UK BBC channel.

So what is the best penis extender on the market? 

You will discover the three best manufacturers of penis extenders at BestPenisExtender2015.com. The cost may vary by as high as $300 and suppliers are likely to throw in additional goodies such as penis lubrication oils, cost-free containers of supplements, accessibility to websites etc. to justify an increased price package. The majority of packages are going to set you a cost of approximately $300-$400.

It might be reasonable to state that the cost of some extenders do seem to be quite surprisingly marked up for the kind of item they are, for instance, the Platinum Jes Extender is going to cost you more than $1,300! This appears to be a hefty amount to invest in a penis extender, irrespective of the point that it’s made from genuine platinum. If you wish to purchase platinum then purchase a bullion bar, mainly because once this penis extender has been used up, it will most likely be worth much less than you purchased it for. Also, it’s less likely that you’ll manage to resell a second-hand penis extender in any way! Therefore instead of spending a small fortune on a platinum Jes Extender you might be better off simply purchasing a cheaper product which would function equally well such as this MaleEdge Review.

You possibly can still purchase an extender for under $120 which is of high quality and will perform just as well. In fact, all of them utilize the same process and technology! A few examples of inexpensive extenders include the Ultimate Stretcher or the Vimax Extender which you can use continuously for 6 months and then throw away knowing you have got your money’s worth.


Is It Ever Long Enough?

I’ve always been somewhat concerned with the size of and in particular the length of my penis. I know most guys often feel this is an area of their bodies they would like to improve. However It doesn’t bother me much to hear a woman screaming, “Harder, Faster” as I pleasure her, and myself. But when she starts screaming, Deeper, dammit deeper”. I feel a little less than adequate.
So I’m not one to ignore a request from the ladies, especially when I myself feel a little “shortchanged” so to speak. I decided to try to remedy the situation by looking into a penis extender. Now I’m not too big on the idea of surgery, especially in that region of my body, unless it is an absolute necessity, and pretty much even then, only if there is a life threatening reason.

So off I go to the local sex shop and adult book store. Now I start looking at things they have available to lengthen my uh, shortcomings. They have pumps designed to increase the size, they have devices to attach to the penis that is supposed to stretch the length, and of course they have the creams and ointments that are supposed to increase both the length and girth, albeit, only temporarily. I really had no idea which I wanted to try, so I decided to seek out some hopefully, well trained store employee, who knew the details of such a device. Well, there was only one person working there, a young girl who couldn’t have been any older than about eighteen, She did look as if she might have more knowledge than I, since her face was damn near wired shut. She had pins and ring piercings all over her face. I found myself wondering whether she had piercings in places that weren’t so visible. She also had a number of tattoos, that I had no doubt extended far below the cut of her clothing.

Being more than a little bit shy, I decided to throw caution to the wind, and ask for her help with my Sizegenetics. Despite her somewhat hard looks, she seemed all to eager to assist me in my quest. She led me back to the counter where they had these items displayed. She pointed out advantages of each device, and thanks to her help I opted for a tube of penis creme. designed to increase the size substantially, a penis pump with a pressure gauge, and a squeeze handle to make the pumping easier, and another device that attached to my penis near my testicles and also to my leg. The idea being that as I walked, I would stretch my member with every step. She also informed me I could detach it from my leg and hang a weight on it when I was at home, for maximum effect.

I left the store somewhat lighter in the wallet, and figured it was worth it to never again hear, “Is it in yet?” I rushed home to try my new devices. I first decided to try the tube of creme. I must say it was quite pleasurable to apply, and right away, my penis started to grow. It however, did not appear to be any longer than usual. So I figured I would try the pump. A plastic tube with a rubber hose attached. I put it on as the instructions said, and started to pump away. The pressure gauge said I had reached the maximum amount of pressure that was considered safe, so I stopped for a while to see the results. It worked, My penis was longer, not to mention fatter and bigger around. It was somewhat painful, but It seemed worth it, until I released the pressure, and my penis returned to it’s normal size. It was a good erection though I must say. So I decided to try the last option the stretcher. since I was home, there was no problem attaching a weight to the end, I just raided my garage, and took a ten pound weight, I figured I’d start small. andI attached it as instructed, and added the weight to the end.

Of course, when I dropped the weight to the floor, It landed on my toe, and I started hopping around. This set the weight bouncing as well, on the end of the elastic band attached to my penis. well, it bounced up and down and every move brought great pain, but no pain, no gain . Right? Wrong. It damn near ripped my dick off, and sent me howling in pain around the room. Every step caused the weight at the end to bang down on the floor. After a couple of minutes of this , My doorbell rang, and as my door was unlocked, and I was in such great pain, I simply yelled “come in”. Turns out it was the lady who lived downstairs complaining about the noise. when she saw me with the apparatus attached to my Johnson, and me holding my sore foot, and trying to balance on one foot, she screamed and fainted. With the door still wide open. This allowed several of my neighbors to arrive and witness the same scene as she saw when she opened the door.

I’m now looking for a new apartment, in another town, at least a few miles away.