Easy and Free Ways to Increase your Manhood

Men who are faced with sexual problems often have a poor level of confidence as a result of their small sexual organ, thus, they are now looking for various ways on how to address their problems in the easiest way possible. Aside from surgery, there are various devices and other sexual enhancement products that can help to increase the size of the penis in the safest and the most natural way without having to sacrifice the quality as well as the effectiveness of the product.


The Need for Sexual Enhancements


Whether you agree with this or not, a lot of women will mostly prefer to have partners who are able to sexually satisfy them in bed. Although men who have an average size of about 4 to 5 inches can perform well in bed, having an even bigger sexual organ can help to improve one’s sexual satisfaction during their sexual encounter with their partner. This also gives satisfaction to their partners as well and as a result, you will be able to easily turn women on. It is for these reasons why a lot of men are looking for various products and different kinds of techniques that can help to enlarge their sexual organ.


Shock Technique


The main purpose of the Shock Technique is to help promote an adequate flow of blood on the organ by putting some shock treatment on the penis in order to facilitate its natural growth. This procedure is done by simply holding the middle section of the semi erected penis and then slapping it slowly by both sides of the legs for up to three minutes. Doing this will give “shock” to the penis and will result to an adequate flow of blood which will then promote its natural growth.


Penis Wake Up Technique


One of the most effective male enhancing techniques is called the Penis Wake Up Technique. This should be carried out before performing any kind of penile enhancement exercises. For this method, men will need a towel that was soaked in warm water. The towel should be squeezed out well and then be used to wrap around the penis as well as on the testicles. Doing this helps to facilitate an adequate flow of blood on the manhood which will then lead to an even faster regeneration of tissues which results to a fully enhanced male sexual organ.


Jelqing Technique


One of the most effective penile enlargement exercises which helps to enhance men’s manhood is the jelqing technique. This should be done only after the penis wake up technique is done. To do this exercise, one must first apply some lubrication on the penis that is still on a semi erect state. The organ must not be in full erect mode while applying the lubrication and should be around 70 to 80 percent erect.


After that, make use of your thumb and your finger to create an “O” symbol on your manhood. Place your finger in the middle of the penis and slowly push downwards all of the loose blood that were gathered on the organ and then push them towards the head of the penis. Remember that the more blood that is accumulated on the head, the longer and the harder the erection will become, which in turn, will enhance the overall size of the sexual organ.


Long Schlong Technique


Another penile enlargement exercise that you should consider when it comes to enhancing your sexual organ is the Long Schlong Technique. This is performed by holding the head portion of the penis and then stretching it slowly by applying pressure on the head for up to 15 seconds. Do this technique over and over again for up to five times and make sure that you will feel your penis being stretched through the base while doing the exercise.


After you perform this kind of penile enlargement exercise, slowly massage your organ to relax it until it returns to its normal flow of blood. As soon as the blood circulation is back to the normal level, slowly hold the penis firmly and then pull it towards the right side until such time that the pressure will be felt on the left portion of the penis. This exercise is highly recommended to be performed twice each day.


Using Traction Devices


There are penis extenders or traction devices that one can also use when it comes to enhancing the sexual organ. These devices are said to be very effective in increasing the male sexual organ and are recommended to those who are uncomfortable with doing the penile enlargement exercises and those who are too busy to do the exercise due to their busy schedules.


The device is designed to provide tension on the penis, so it will be stretched out fully and allow for the growth of millions of tissues and cells inside the penis. The devices are easy to use and they are very comfortable too and you will not even feel that it is in there. Find the latest reviews and best devices for extending the size of your penis at Discover why SizeGenetics is the best penis extender traction device that is available on the market.